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Children at Hillbrook come from all over the world and so we believe that geography is essential to developing our children’s understanding of each other and the world around them.

There is a strong focus on teaching key skills that can be applied to real life situations, such as map reading or using GPS trackers to navigate around our local area. The children enjoy the opportunity to take part in outdoor learning, including the teaching of orienteering using our extensive school grounds to embed navigation skills.

Lessons incorporate a variety of conceptual and geographical knowledge as well as addressing current global issues such as climate change, recycling and migration. Children are given the opportunity to compare and contrast different countries which broadens their knowledge of different cultures, communities and languages. We approach this by developing an understanding of both human and physical geography of globally significant places. Where meaningful links exist between geography and other curriculum subjects, we use an integrated approach to support learning in all areas.

Building on their knowledge and understanding of the world, children in our school also have the opportunity to take part in various events. These include international days, refugee week and global learning with foreign exchange partner schools, bringing different locations around the world into the classroom.

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