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Le Francais, c'est ma langue maternelle.

I am a dedicated multilingual teacher.  French is my native language, I am called a 'French Specialist' in schools probably because of my expertise and attention to detail for anything French.

I was raised, educated and worked in Paris, France.  My priorities are to create inspiring language lessons and games that suit each learner's needs and to help students in achieving their learning goals.

It's so much fun to speak many languages and learning it at a young age in primary school is crucial.  I learnt Italian in primary in France (only 12 of us at that time).  Today, I can teach it, as well as French, up to A-level.

On the side of languages, I am passionate about Arts (like painting, history of Art), and the learning opportunities that they can provide.  It is thanks to my interest in Italian Art that I became a fluent Italian speaker.

My motto is the famous quote of Nelson Mandela about language:


Learning a modern foreign language is an entitlement for all pupils during their time in Key Stage 2. In order for this to take place, we utilise the skills of a specialist MfL teacher to plan and deliver lessons to all classes from Years 3 to 6.


Our main objective is to promote the early development of linguistic competence. To accomplish this, we facilitate the children to:

  • familiarise themselves with the sounds and written form of a modern foreign language;
  • develop particular language-learning skills;
  • begin to understand a new language, and communicate in it;
  • make comparisons between languages;
  • learn about different countries and their people, and work with materials from different countries and communities, thus increasing their awareness of other cultures;
  • develop a positive attitude towards the learning of foreign languages in general;
  • use their knowledge of the foreign language with growing confidence, both to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and writing;
  • acquire, through all of the above, a sound basis for further study at Key Stage 3 and beyond.

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