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Learning a modern foreign language is an entitlement for all pupils during their time in Key Stage 2. In order for this to take place, we utilise the skills of a specialist MfL teacher to plan and deliver lessons to all classes from Years 3 to 6.


Our main objective is to promote the early development of linguistic competence. To accomplish this, we facilitate the children to:

  • familiarise themselves with the sounds and written form of a modern foreign language;
  • develop particular language-learning skills;
  • begin to understand a new language, and communicate in it;
  • make comparisons between languages;
  • learn about different countries and their people, and work with materials from different countries and communities, thus increasing their awareness of other cultures;
  • develop a positive attitude towards the learning of foreign languages in general;
  • use their knowledge of the foreign language with growing confidence, both to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and writing;
  • acquire, through all of the above, a sound basis for further study at Key Stage 3 and beyond.

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