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At Hillbrook, we believe that learning about history enables pupils to learn about our rich and diverse past, which continues to shape our future. History teaching stimulates pupils’ interest and understanding about significant events and the lives of significant people in the past through engaging classroom lessons, drama workshops, visits to historical sites and museums.

Teaching encourages our pupils to foster an interest in the past and to develop an understanding that enables them to enjoy all that history has to offer through knowing about significant events in British and world history, appreciating how things have changed over time.

As they move through the school, pupils develop an understanding of chronology, society, and their place within it. They study ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans and the Egyptians, changes to Britain from the Stone Age onwards, significant local history, as well as events in living memory such as World War II so that they develop a sense of their cultural heritage. We tried hard to ensure our curriculum reflects our children and their diverse backgrounds.

All children at Hillbrook have the opportunity to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation in discrete history lessons as well as links to creative writing and drama.

Each year, pupils are immersed in a day related to their history topic where children have the opportunity to further explore what life was like during a period of British History through a variety of hands-on practical activities.


My name is Holly Jennings, one of the History leads at Hillbrook. I love History as it has the power to transport you to different worlds, leaving many mysteries still to be solved! Visits to Hampton Court and the National Portrait Gallery have sparked a keen interest in the Tudors, which I pursued at university. During my degree, I researched the London Foundling Hospital, visiting local archives to better understand social attitudes in Victorian London and how they’ve shaped our city today.