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Early Years

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make good and often outstanding progress because of the very successful use of small groups to ensure the children get enough support. In the Nursery, children make very rapid gains in their learning. 

Ofsted 2014 Report


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) encompasses the Nursery and Reception classes.  Children can join the Nursery the term after their 3rd birthday (see also Wandsworth admission guidelines). The EYFS is crucial in every child’s development, and during these years basic skills and attitudes to learning and socialising are established.

Aims and Objectives

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum underpins all future learning by promoting and developing:

  • Personal, social and emotional well-being
  • Positive attitudes and dispositions towards learning
  • Social skills
  • Attention skills and persistence
  • Language and communication
  • Reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development.

We aim to make the transition from pre-school to full time education as smooth as possible and provide a secure and caring environment in which children are happy and eager to learn.  We believe that young children learn best from a curriculum that offers practical play-based learning opportunities, where children are encouraged to investigate, explore, experiment, ask questions and be imaginative and creative.

We recognise the uniqueness of each child and value every child’s interests.  We aim to deliver learning through a combination of adult led and child initiated play, based on prior experiences and interests of the children. We teach children how to make considered choices in their learning and most importantly, the skills needed to be independent, lifelong learners. We value autonomous learning, so that the children reach their full potential while at the same time setting high attainment targets and making behavioural expectations clear and consistent.  We aim to support children with special educational needs and to develop a working partnership between home and school to enable the children to develop in confidence and increasing independence.