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PDF icon Science Curriculum

At Hillbrook we believe science is essential to children’s understanding of the ever-changing world around us.  Scientific knowledge unlocks a wide range of varied careers, which are vital in tackling the world’s future challenges. We explore science in a variety of ways starting in Nursery all the way up to Year 6 through a number of different methods. Science in Nursery and Reception is covered through the Understanding the World area of The EYFS Curriculum. 

Early Years Science links closely with all other areas of the curriculum including Communication and Language, Maths and Expressive Arts and Design. During their learning journey in Nursery and Reception, children will explore topics where they are encouraged to use their senses to investigate and to ask questions about why things happen and how things work. The Characteristics of Effective Learning underpin the way young children learn. Their learning environment allows them to play and explore, showing curiosity about objects events and people, enabling our young learners to become 'scientists'.

As children move up into KS1 and KS2, science becomes more about pattern-seeking, observations, grouping and classifying, researching, fair tests and experiments. No two science lessons will look the same. By using the children’s natural curiosity in each science lesson we have developed an engaging curriculum with plenty of practical, hands-on opportunities. Science lessons are full of exploring real-life objects, plants and materials that perhaps they wouldn’t have thought would be part of a science lesson. These experiments give them the knowledge to question daily objects around them and put their knowledge to good use. As a result, children leave Hillbrook with a wealth of scientific knowledge and are equipped to solve a multitude of problems independently.


Our Science team is made up of Sharmi Mattison (Reception Teacher) and Stephanie Wallace (Year 1 Teacher)

We bring a wealth of science knowledge and love being able to share our ideas as a team. Sharmi is an experienced Early Years teacher who enjoys igniting children’s curiosity and understanding of their world through hands-on and sensory exploration. Stephanie has always enjoyed learning about Human Biology and Space. She is passionate about teaching children to engage in the world around them through scientific enquiry. 

It’s great how our Science curriculum enables each year group to build on their knowledge and scientific enquiry skills.