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Useful Websites

We hope that you find the content of this page really helpful in supporting your child's learning at home in Maths.

Mental calculation strategies are equally important. We want the children to decide the most efficient way to answer a calculation. These methods can vary depending on the style and size of the calculation.  So with this in mind, we have embedded links to games and activities that will strengthen your child's number facts.

Children need factual knowledge -- for example, number pairs and multiplication. Without these, children will find it difficult to solve problems. With practice, your child will increase their speed and accuracy, and doing these activities with your child will help you to understand which number facts your child needs to focus on.

Useful Websites

Click the age group you're most interested in for links to fun maths games!

All Ages (Click To Expand)

Education City
 is the leading developer of curriculum content. It is used in over 15,000 schools across the world and is a great resource to enhance childrens' learning. Our pupils at Hillbrook often use the website in class.

 is an amusement park of maths games and much more, specially designed for fun, fun, FUN!

 is a website specially designed for teachers and children. It has endless amounts of research but also has some great interactive games which can be played by all ages.

The Woodlands Junior School website is a fantastic resource for a huge range of interactive games. If you're not sure which website to use to find the information you need...this is the perfect place to start!

Nrich have homes for students of different ages, and have homes for teachers of different age groups. If you are a parent or carer, we suggest that you start with the Teacher Guide. In your home you'll find the latest resources we have added to our collections, and they'll keep you up to date with open problems and events.

Tes i-Board
 is a great teaching tool which has a wide range of interactive activities and games to help you support your child's learning. Designed specially for teachers to use in their classrooms, but perfect for extra work at home.

BBC Schools
 is another great resource which is absolutely free. Click here to access the well known BBC Bitesize resources too.

Top Marks 
has plenty of maths games that provide practise for children who are beginning to understand the concepts of multiplying numbers.

Learn-Timestables.Com is another great free resource for helping your child have fun learning maths.

The Early Years -- Nursery & Reception (Click To Expand)

Can you put the correct number of buttons on the gingerbread man?
Explore simple subtraction with your child using colourful objects.

Key Stage 1 -- Years 1 & 2 (Click To Expand)

Year 1
Connect the pipes to save the whale!
Can you make the Mummy dance?
Compare the sweets and work out the difference

Can you work out how many rabbits have run away?
Discover doubles with Robin Hood!
Let the Camels help you with your Times Tables
Can you share the lollipops out equally?
Put the correct number of sheep into each paddock!
Year 2
Connect the pipes to save the whale! 

Shoot the rocks to collect the numbers! 
Use the targets to help you find the solution
Find your answer by hitting the target!

Can you shoot the correct number?

Play bingo to learn multiplication
Use your division skills to mine for diamonds!
Can you group the pilots?

Lower Key Stage 2 -- Years 3 & 4 (Click To Expand)

Year 3
There's an alien invasion - your number skills are needed! 
Practice making number bonds up to 100 
Practice your subtractions at the penalty shootouts! 
Do you have what it takes to complete the Minus Mission?
Hit the button and see how fast you can answer the sums!

Race against other players in this multiplayer multiplication game! 
Division Race against real players to see who hits the finish line first!  
Year 4
Quick-fire addition against the clock! 
Can you make it to the top of the pyramid?
Quick-fire subtraction against the clock! 

Use your subtraction skills to score a strike!
Quick-fire multiplication against the clock!
Aim for a 'Full House' with Division Bingo! 

Try these loop cards to help with your division! 

Upper Key Stage 2 -- Years 5 & 6 (Click To Expand)

Addition Beat the timer by reaching the target!  Can get the frog to the other side of the pond? How many questions can you get right?  
Answer as many questions as you can!
Can you help find the escaped convict?
Can you complete all three levels?

Hit the button and solve the subtractions!
Put the number cards into the correct boxes!

Earn a certificate by proving your times tables knowledge!

Race against real people to practice your times tables!

Practice mental multiplication at the shop!
Can you beat all three levels?

Put the number cards into the correct boxes!

Division bingo - complete your card to win!