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‘Little Hillbrook’ Specialist Nursery Resource Base

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a specialist nursery providing early intervention and support for children aged 3 and 4 years old.  We cater for nursery age children who have been identified as needing further support with their Social Communication and Language Skills. During their time at Little Hillbrook they may undergo an assessment for Social Communication Disorder (SCD)/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our staff are skilled practitioners in ASD/SCD and have a high level of experience as well as ongoing training. Our environment is low arousal providing clear, visual structures to minimise distraction within the learning environment and this helps increase focus and learning opportunities. Class numbers are small with a high adult to child ratio. This allows us to provide each and every child with an individualised curriculum.  

We work closely with a Speech and Language Therapist and an Occupational Therapist alongside parent/carers to develop independence and enjoyment of learning.

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Meet the Team:

Our team who support the children at the base are highly experienced and  have regular training.  We also receive input from an Educational Psychologist, an Occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language Therapist to ensure we are always making excellent provision for our children.

Kate Nicolson, Manager of Little Hillbrook (LH)


Myself and the Little Hillbrook team would like to warmly welcome you to our specialist nursery resource base.  Having been part of the team that set up the resource base in 2008/09, moving away and coming back, it's amazing to see how it's flourished. It is such a pleasure to be back with a great team supporting children with intensive early intervention and seeing them progress and develop in a happy and supportive environment.


My background is in teaching.  I have worked in both mainstream and specialist settings and I have a Masters in Education -  Special Educational Needs in which I specialised in understanding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and social communication disorder (SCD).  My independent research focused on understanding girls on the autism spectrum.  I have gone on to use this research to provide staff and parent training and have shared my research at the Psychology of Women Conference 2019.  I have worked collaboratively with The Evelina Children's Centre (Guys and Thomas's Hospital) carrying out further research to support children with ASD.  Please see the paper ‘Meeting the mental health needs of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder – a collaboration between health and education’  (2019) for which I am co-author.


Prior to returning to LH in 2019, I worked at the autism advisory service providing children, families and schools in Wandsworth with practical strategies, training and advice.  An element of my role involved being part of the multi-disciplinary team supporting children and families through their autism assessments/diagnosis.


I am very passionate about ensuring that each child reaches their full potential and love watching children grow in confidence and achieve great things.  Every day is so different and fun.  I am always, amazed and mesmerised by each and every child I work with.

Joanna  Abramowicz Dehiri, Teacher


I am the class teacher at Little Hillbrook. I have a Masters Degree in Special Needs Education and 8 years of experience as a teacher in different settings. I love singing and dancing. Teaching is my passion. I wish to be a teacher who makes a difference in children's lives and help them to achieve the best they can.

Sonia Weir, Administrator


I have worked at Little Hillbrook for 2 years as an Administrator. I really enjoy working with and supporting families as well as getting to know the children when taking photographs of their activities. What I love is the nurturing environment and seeing the children's happy faces each day.

Debbie Farthing, Part Time Nursery Nurse


 I have worked at Little Hillbrook for 12 years in the role of nursery nurse. The best thing about working here is seeing the children gain confidence and progress into their own little characters. I am an outdoor sensory person so activities I enjoy most with the children are messy/sensory play and physical activities.

Sabrina Creatura, Part Time Teaching Assistant


I am an SEN Teaching Assistant. I specialise in supporting the children with feeding/food. I enjoy getting the children to explore the different sensory textures of food.  It gives me great pleasure to implement different strategies and to see children progress and watching the changes in them.

Primrose Smith, Part Time Teaching Assistant


I have been a Teaching Assistant at Little Hillbrook for 11 years. I enjoy working with the team. We work well together and communicate effectively as a team. I have a friendly approach and do my best to make sure the children learn to the best of their ability. I enjoy running the group sessions - What's in the Box, music and playing with the children in the playground. 

Bobby, Part Time Teaching Assistant


I have been a teaching assistant at Little Hillbrook for 2 years. I enjoy working in our strong and compassionate team. I love observing the children's development day after day. I enjoy the What's in the Box and Teacch sessions as well as the music lessons. 

Sharon, Part Time Teaching Assistant


I have been working as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant since 2007. I am one of the first aiders at Little Hillbrook. I have experience with ADHD, EBD, ASD and Dyslexia. One of the best things about working at Little Hillbrook is seeing the development of the children. Each child is special and their progress is always a celebration.

Jessika, Part Time Teaching Assistant


My favourite part of working at Little Hillbrook is the children. I get great pleasure working with them and enjoy all their little personalities and the fun that they bring with them every day. As an active person, I enjoy this busy role and enjoy the teaching methods and watching the progression in the children. I have lots of fun working here and have a great and supportive team.

Jess, Part Time Teaching Assistant


I am a psychology graduate and new to the Little Hillbrook team. I have experience of working with children from nursery to Year 6.  I love working with the children at Little Hillbrook, watching them grow and develop. The environment here is calm, supportive and fun (for the children and adults!)

Rachel, Occupational Therapist




Admissions and Open Mornings:

A referral from a specialist Speech and Language Therapist is required for your child to be considered for a place at Little Hillbrook. Your application will then be taken to a panel for a decision. For information about our admissions procedures or to discuss a referral, please see contact The Early Years Centre, Siward Road. Tel: 020 8871 8866. 

We hold regular Open mornings during term time. To attend any of the Open Days please contact Sonia.  It's important to book a space as we have limited spaces to minimise disruption to the class.  Please contact Sonia Weir if you would like to attend on or call: 020 8672 3957 Ext 215


Ofsted Report

 Hillbrook Resource Base Inspection Report