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Hillbrook Primary School

Be Responsible · Be Resilient · Be Reflective

Ethos, AIMs, Values and VISION

Governors and Staff have worked hard together (with input from parents, children and other stakeholders) to create a coherent ethos, supported by aims, values and a longer-term vision, finalised in Summer Term 2019.    We welcome feedback/input from those reading this document.



The ethos for our school and our children is based around our 3 R’s:

  • Be Responsible – both collectively and individually
  • Be Resilient – both collectively and individually
  • Be Reflective – both collectively and individually


We actively promote opportunities to enable our children to become responsible, reflective and resilient members of our school community and beyond. We do this by embedding and reinforcing the following aims in all aspects of school life.  We believe that these will help our children to be successful at school and will prepare them for life.




  • To provide a warm and welcoming environment which is clean, safe and secure and allows everyone to learn
  • To develop a whole school community that values positive attitudes, relationships and mutual respect and where high standards of behaviour are demonstrated and expected
  • To have the highest possible expectations of all children so that every child can achieve their maximum potential
  • To be a fully inclusive school that celebrates and recognises the needs and abilities of our community, valuing everyone and ensuring everyone is of equal importance
  • To offer a rich, relevant and meaningful curriculum, full of memorable learning experiences that develops enquiring minds and fosters a life- long love of learning
  • To promote and inspire a collaborative community spirit where parents and carers are supportive, engaged and involved in their child’s learning journey
  • To foster and develop children’s emotional wellbeing, their resilience and their mental and physical health


We have a value for each month which is celebrated and referred to where relevant and our assemblies for each month are based upon each value. This is on a 2 year cycle.




September 20 Belonging
October 20 Democracy
November 20 Equality
December 20 Respect
January 21 Aspirations
February 21 Courage
March 21 Curiosity
April 21 Collaboration
May 21 Honesty
June 21 Resilience
July 21 Positivity


Month Value
September 21 Responsibility
October 21 Fairness
November 21 Freedom
December 21 Appreciation
January 22 Reflection
February 22 Happiness
March 22 Thoughtfulness
April 22 Trust
May 22 Cooperation
June 22 Confidence
July 22 Peace



The 3-5 year vision for Hillbrook School is successfully to expand to a full Four Form Entry School whilst: (i) maintaining Hillbrook’s Outstanding status; and (ii) embedding the above ethos, aims and values into the school

This document does not set out the detail of how we will achieve that vision, but the ethos, aims and values will be considered in everything we do as a School, and regularly referred to, with the detail set out in the School Improvement Plan every year.